Friday, July 2, 2010

How much you can change?

When you were twice younger from  your age now....did you ever think how will you like? Getting older is a one of most scarry things for us...women. However, with my age now, I'll feel much better .....:-)

This is me when I was early 20.

This is me with my teenage boys....

Getting older, getting wise and feel much better.....:-)


martha puri natasande said...

Mbak Anita.. I adore you!!! aku follow mbak ya.. karya2 mbak hebat bgtttttt.... SPEACHLESS....
super mommy!!! cantik pula..
perfect... happy crafting :)


Anita Abdulkadir said...

Hi Martha,

Thanks a lot, just to fill my life with a wonderful things....:-)

Anonymous said...

change for the better. you don't look like you have two teenage boys.