Monday, September 13, 2010

Mixed Media Painting-Enjoy the Journey

This painting I made based on the  request of my mother in law. In her new house, there is one side of the wall which is still empty, and she wanted to hang one of my paintings.She wants a picture of herself along with her  six grandchildren on the painting. But, of course I can not draw such painting that she wants. However I tried to manage it and  my idea was to paint a collage by gluing all the pictures of her grandchildren and make a figure  that look like her (one of  a typical of my mother in law was her curly hair).

For me, drawing curly hair is not an easy one, I had to fix it over and over again.
Since this painting will be dedicated to someone and to give to someone (my mother in law), I  feel that the painting is far from perfect so I'm somewhat feel less confident. But  my husband tried to convince me by saying  that this painting is very good ( or good enough...) and I should be pretty confident of it.
This is the painting......

Can be seen here the collage of her six grandchildren
(Vito, Rachel,Emyr,Karina, Dea and Yasmin).

Rachel on the collage.

Emyr, Yasmin, Rachel and Karina on the Collage.

Rachel, Dea and Vito on the collage.

She always ENJOY her JOURNEY on being a grandmother with her unconditionally LOVE.
We always will REMEMBER her.

With her singing HEART

Kitchen Tool as her favourite activity, cooking.

The Painting......hope she like it...:-)


Dewie.Rha said...

bagus Nit...pengen bisa euy!...Love all your collage paints

Anita Abdulkadir said...

Dew, kayaknya yang seneng scrapbook pasti bisa collage deh....hehehehe....dikau coba2 aja.


Mbaaaa NIttt....bagus bangettt!!! Love it!! =D