Sunday, October 17, 2010

Store named LOG ON

Glad to find a shop that was quite unique. This store named LOG ON and is situated in I-SQUARE mall at Nathan Road, Hong Kong. This store sells a lot of things such as the bags, scarves, stationery and more. All these unique stuffs are rarely found in other shop. Not only me liked this store, my husband and kids also loved it although not as much as I did. What made me most happy was I found some cute stamps.
Look at the design of this store from the outside, it was very tempting to everybody to come in and see what stuffs are sold on this store.

You can see the display of  various kind of women bags with a very beautiful flower pattern

Flower patern  stuffs hanged in front of the store

Some  stuffs  that I bought from the store.
There are Flower patern bag pack, Stamps and Travel Journal and Shabby chic scarve.

Love all the stuffs on this store.....

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