Sunday, January 16, 2011

Altered Art - Aviary

Innitialy,  I was almost no idea what kind of projects that will be created on this workshop. Just looking at the photos from  Ars Artium's Facebook, then  I decided to attend this workshop, and also since the instructor is  one of my favorites, Colette Wibisono.

However it was very exciting workshop, we did it  from 9.00 AM  in the  morning until 6:30 PM.  And that's still far from finished since the project was not an easy project. Then I have to finish it by the time I came home until 2 AM in the morning and continue it  on the following day.

Making this each step of this project  was very enjoyable, I was enjoying myself on the process itself.  This is not really a scrapbook, since you may see that there is not too many photos in the project but there are a lot of details and tehniques had been used on this project.

This might be called as an Altered Art......

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