Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grey Gardens

Inspired by the movie Grey Gardens, the HBO movie about the true story of the lives of Edith Bouvier Beale / "Little Edie", I created this mixed media painting. The pictures for the collage materials for this painting was taken from several sources including the official site of Grey Gardens itself.

Hope you enjoy it.



dwi yuliyanto said...


Arumdati Wardhani said...

Hi Nita...
I always follow your progress in painting since the first time you start making your canvas artwork..remember your "Self Portrait"?
Your progress is so amazing. Love your Lady drawing, especially in her face. You inspire me so much. Keep up the good work and always sharing your technique. XOXO

Dee said...

i loveee all your painting, such an inspiration.
would love to hang one of your painting on my wall :)
masih menunggu siapa tau one day bakal ada kelas painting, i'll be the first to sign up :d
pick meee.. puhleaseee :d

Anonymous said...

wow..i just love love ur paintings..kira2 bs ga kalo pesan painting dari kamu? kalo bs tlg email aku ya di thanks & kind regards from gaby