Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life is A Song - Mixed Media Painting

Working for 5 days a week and study at Binus University every Saturday, a little disturbing my time in doing my hobby. As what happened this week, I have a full weekend schedule start from a class at Binus on Saturday and plans to attend  scrapbook clas on Sunday. Finally on Friday after work I made ​​this painting that made me wake up until 2 am in the  Saturday morning. A little bit tired......however "a Little Birdie once told me....Life is A Song sing it".....then I just sing it....:-)


ankh said...

Hello, I just find your is wonderful! Feast for my eyes.

printiland said...

hai anita :) salam kenal yaah..
ada award untuk kamu ;) di cek yah

Anita Abdulkadir said...

Hi Ankh, thanks a lot....your comment means a lot to me....:-)

Anita Abdulkadir said...

Hi Fita-Naya-Ochie (bener nggak tuh nama2 nya...:p)
Thanks a lot ya untuk award nya....seneng banget deh :-)