Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Girl in Purple

Draw the image first then prepare the background is sometime difficult.
The image need to be protected from the paint.
I'll share to you the step by step process of this kind of painting.
 We need to cover the image using Art Masking Fluid.
Then we can paint the background without worrying the image.

Then using stencils tools, we put the details to the background.

using stencil tools of flower pattern to the back ground

Also add the backgroud detail with journaling stamp (with white ink).

Then peeled out the masking fluid.
Your image had been protected from paint by this masking fluid.
Then start to paint the face

paint the face of second image.

 cut the scrapbook patern paper as the dress and adhere it to the girl image.

Do the same thing to second girl image.

Then the painting is done

Two girls in Purple

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