Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blessing Angels - Mixed Media Painting

Hi all, this painting is the new one. Just last night I made this one  after few months  not touching my canvas. I still putting every picture for every step just to show you the process of this painting. Actually I enjoy to take a picture for every step when I draw. 

Adhere the pattern papers all over your canvas with Medium Gel  (layer 1) and cover the papers also with this medium gel as the 2nd layer. 


Using gesso as 3rd layer of the painting.

Put acrylic paint as 4th layer 

Don't use brushes, just use your expired credit or other card that you are not used anymore. 

Do just like on the above picture

Cover the canvas as needed.

Remove the paint where you want the image of the paper can be seen.

You need wet tissue to remove the paint. 

Add another color of acrylic paint as 5th layer 

Do the same as we've done before on the 4th layer. 

Remove the paint from where you need the pattern from your paper can be seen. 

Start to draw your sketches using pencil

Cover the face and neck using white acrylic color. 

Start to make face shadowing . 
I use acrylic to color the all of this images. 

Do the same for the second girl. 

Start to paint the eyes.

Color the eye shadow.

White dot from acrylic to make the eyes more have soul

Coloring the dress and still using wet tissue to remove the paint, hence you can see the flower pattern. 

Paint the wings of these angels.

Face details 

Face details

Adhere some tracing papers that had been stamped with your rubber stamps or any other stamps. 

Put stamps all over the painting.

Butterfly's stamps

Details of stamped journals.

 Journal Stamps

You can see musical  notes pattern paper on the back ground.

   My messy workplace.            

        Hope you enjoy it.

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