Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forever In My Heart - Bandung Class - 16 Feb 2013

My husband said that the day ( 16th Feb 2013) was the fist time "4 in one"  system just implemented in some of the area in Bandung city. For that, my husband advised me to come earlier to Bandung (before 9 AM) if possible.  Not just because this "4-in-one system", me and my assistant came quite  early in Bandung (we have reached in the city around 7 AM!!!.), but because I was very enthusiastic about this class. That was  the first time I held a class MIxed Media Art. And really hope that the participants would have a very good time. 

Class preparation before the class....a chocolate bar for each participants...:-)
Valentine's Day has passed two days  before  and of course still can be celebrated by the participants :-)

There are 10 girls in the class. 

The girls just started the project. 

What I love most about mixed media class, you have a freedom to express yourself and no rules about it. The result, off course each every one has an individual touch on their work. And It's the most exciting part for me to see the difference of each one works...amazing!

Rena's work .... love it. 

No one has the same background...amazing!

Enjoyed prepare the background of the canvas. 

The girls was mixing colors, modeling paste and ready to work with masking template.

Really happy to see their enthusiast during the class.

drying the paint...sometime take a lot of time :-)

Everyone diligently trying to bring up every details.

Jasmine, the Junior High School student, the  youngest participants in the class....
She he is so talented. :-)

Start to color the image....with COPIC! yeaaay!
(Don;t you think that I deserved to be sponsored by COPC, since the participants really enjoy coloring with COPIC)....just kidding ! :-)

They all tried to color girl's face and the results are very good, 
although I just gave an one - time example of how to coloring with COPIC. 

Start to "dress" the girl's  image. 

Each every one has their own choices of "fashion style" :-)

Cute with purple nuance....

Tried to put more details around the girls image.

And after long hours class.. from 10 AM to ^ PM, you can see that each of them has their own "style " See below their art work.


It's nice to have you girls in my class.....!! :-)

See you in other class!


BeluBelloBelle said...

kereeeeen, it must be held at du i forgot the name , padahal kerjaan mondar-mandir disitu fiuuh (hectic mind) . asik banget sayang gak tau info ... maybe someday. :)

Nani said...

It's a beautiful works, Anita. I am so proud to have friend like you who has multi talent.