Friday, August 9, 2013

Flowers Festival

 In our lives, we often encounter and have to deal with imperfections. And usually these imperfections, either from ourselves or the imperfections of others, makes us uncomfortable.

Such as in a family, sometimes we see one of the kid of this family is so perfect, smart, handsome/beautiful , all the good things are in this kid. . And every family there is usually has one of the children who compared with other siblings,  he was the most imperfect, so called "the ugly duck of the family" This is only the analogy, but  do not forget the imperfections are part of the community itself. Even the imperfections give color in our lives.  Imagine if our life is filled only by perfection, then our life becomes boring.

As in Art, we are creating the imperfections because in  art is sometimes imperfection gives more beautiful effect than perfection itself.

On this post, I will give you some idea that something is not perfect it gives its own beauty.

Look at to flower-shaped papers that are still clean and very smooth in above  picture.
They look very stiff and give not natural impression  to its background or the surroundings. 

Squeeze the papers and look at to the paper that have been squeezed, they look more natural and can be seen suit to  the background
Viewed as a whole canvas, flowers made from the paper that has been squeezed, can be seen to have become a part and fit in with the theme of this mixed media art.

Even when we add the detail on the flower's petals and its stems with various shapes of stich stamps, these flowers look much more beautiful.

Seen in its entirety picture

Seen up close, stich stamps provide added value to these flowers.

The background of the canvas prepared using stencils and stamps.

The Flowers

The flowers and festival flags.

The squeezed paper now become a beautiful flowers.

See, sometimes we need imperfection things to make our life more interesting.

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