Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girl in Flowers

Sometimes we do not want to try a new way if we have felt comfortable with the way we used to do. We feel that the way we have done so far is the best way for us. In fact if we thought again, how do we know that this is the best way for us, if we never try the other way? The way of thinking like this also happened to me.  When I'm accustomed to work on something with one way, then I was reluctant to try another way. 

For example, I've been accustomed to use Acrylic and Watersoluble Crayon, hence I was reluctant to try other type of coloring. However, after watched one video from Wyanne ( one of my favourite mixed media artist) I am inspired to use other way of coloring which is Water Color. I found that it was such a interesting experience for me and I was never though that I did really like the result. 

On this post I would like to share the painting that I made with water color and acrylic. 

I  colored the girl with water color and the flowers by Acrylic. 

I like the way watercolor blended each other. 

Flowers, colored with Acrylic. 

I like the combination between water color and acrylic. 

The painting surrounded by natural furniture. 

The painting.

My message, do try the new things otherwise you will never know that you might good at it. 
Thank you for visiting my post. 

Notes: you can buy this original art work at Moje Natural Furnishing

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