Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Flight - Art Journal's Step By Step (Part 2)

Hi, back again!
This is the part two of my Art Journal's Step by Step. In this part, I will show you the process of stamping and painting on the pages. 

Hope you enjoy it.

 I love butterfly, and I have a big butterfly rubber stamp.
 I want to do an experiment with this giant butterfly stamp.

I used Staz On Ink for this stamps.

That is a georgeous giant butterfly

And I stamped "In Flight" words on the pages.

Dry it with heat gun

Flower Stamp

Clock Stamp

 I began to sketch the face

Still sketched the face

Then prepare acrylic Titanium White

Apply the titanium white acrylic to the face

Then continue to draw the face using the help lines to make the face more proportional.

Remove help lines

Prepare to apply color to the face.
I used Caran D'ache Watersoluble Neocolor II. This is a kind of Water Soluble wax pastels.

The face was ready to be colored.

First, I  apply  Saumon color as a base of the face. This color  resembles the color of the

Apply Saumon color to the face, let the eye brow and below darker than the forehead.

Apply mixing white acrylic to make the color blended with other color and also to make the color softer.

 Light color on forehead and the nose.

Prepare Ochre color to be applied around the eyes.

Prepare also Pink color to be applied on the cheeks.

The face after applied with Ochre color around the eyes  and Pink color on the cheeks.

Coloring the eyes.

Still coloring the eyes

Add the white dot on the eye so that the eyes look more alive

Apply Pink color to the lips and lighter color on the lower lip.

Vandyke Brown for coloring the hair

The face

That is the end of the second part. See you on the last part . 

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