Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Flight - Art Journal's Step By Step (Part 1)

I addressed this process of art journal making to some friends who are interested to make it.
Some of the materials required for this project are :

Art Journal,White Gesso, Medium Gel, Acrylic Paints (prepare colors as you want), Ink Pad (My favourite's  brands of ink are  Staz On and Versafine for the stamp that has a lot of details, Many forms of rubber stamps( I love rubber stamps and I collect them lot), Patern Papers(I usually use pattern  paper  for scrapbooking).

I created this step by step process in such detail to make it easier to follow,  hence I will share it in some parts. The first part of this process is preparing the pages on art journal.

Then we start with the process :

Normally I would draw on two pages of the art journal as shown above.

White Gesso Premier from Galeria

Cover the pages of the art journal  with Gesso to make them  thicker.

Then dry it by using a heat gun

Prepare some patterns papers that suitable with  the theme of the journal that we will create.

Add also with some papers with 'words" on it

Gel medium can be used as glue and can also be used as a coating to protect the paper 

Pour Gel Medium on the Tear off  Palette Papper

Glue papers to the art journal page using Gel Medium

Apply gel medium on top of the  paper that has been glued and Gel medium can also be used to protect the surface of the paper.

Dry it with heat gun

The pages that have been covered with  pattern papers and protected by gel medium

The next step is to coat the paper with gesso again as a base prior to painting.

Apply gesso to the paper surface.

The page after covered by gesso

Dry it with heat gun

 Prepare some acrylic colors. In this project I used two colors as a base : Yellow Naples and Light Rose.

Apply Naples Yellow first

If necessary, on the some part of the paper that need to be shown can be wiped clean with a wet tissue hence the image on  the pattern can be seen.

Then apply the second color, Light Rose.

The pages of the art journal that have been prepared.

Voila , the first part of this project had been finished.

See you in the second part.

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