Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Girl and Owls

Hi all, sorry for make you waiting for my next drawing.  I made some drawing in my art journal sometimes back but busy with my work, then I didn't get much time to sit in front of my laptop and start writing on my blog.  This time I would like to draw owls, a cute night bird. 
Owl, who doesn't like owl? almost all girl like this cute animal. All my artsy friends like owl with all the their different-differents cute forms. Let's start with the sketch on the art journal. 

Draw three owls and a girl with a pencil

I revised the girl's dress, sometime when you draw, you feel that you need to change what you have drawn before. It is ok, just did it. 

Start to put colors on the 1st owl and put some details around the eyes with white pen. 

The 1st owl has been done. 

Then start working with  the 2nd owl. 

Continue by the 3rd Owl. You may need to differentiate the owls. Each owl has its own uniqueness especially on the color. 

Put the color for the background and adhere torn paper on tree. 

Half of the page has been done, continue for the other half page. 

Coloring the girl's face and skin. 

and hair....

put the same color as the background for the other half page. 

Adhere pattern paper as the collage for  girl's dress

Add details using stamps.

And again stamps...

Details on the girl.

Eyes detail has the same color as her dress. 

Voila the drawing is done.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

I love the colors you used.Keep up the amazing work !