Friday, March 23, 2012

Friend with Owls

Wyanne is one the the great Mixed Media Artist and I adore her work so much. One of her work called Night Owls is so adorable and I fall in love with the painting.  I love the way she put a little girl sitting on the tree limb accompanied by 3 little cute owls. Of course I cannot paint the way she paint (she is the master..:-) however I tried to draw the little girl with three owls with  my version ( although I put the owls just like her put them on the painting and the way the girl sitting also inspired by her work ). 
And below is the result.  
Thank you Wyanne for being a muse for me. 

Canvas painting using acrylic 

The Little Girl 

Sitting on the tree limb

Cute Owls.

the Cute Owl

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