Sunday, March 25, 2012

Painting with IPAD

Initially, today  I don't have a plan to do drawing ,  I just want to enjoy this weekend sit in the backyard with IPAD in my hand.  I was looking for new applications in the IPAD when I found an application for  painting Free Paint.  In the beginning, I just only want to try this new application,  but I 
foundthat this application was  really cool and I ended up addicted to do this digital painting. 
  I find it's fun to draw without having to pour paintwithout having to clean the 
brushes and without having to gets my hand dirty.  You may see below the 3 new digital paintings. 

The Pinky Girl

Friend with the Queen.

The Angels.

I also did  one more step to the painting, which is put a  text using the other application for IPAD named Noteshelf.  

Let's try this application on your IPAD.......:-)


chici said...

Cool (>o<)b

outbound malang said...

kunjungan sob ..
salam sukses selalu ..:)