Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Girl & Flowers - My first oil painting on canvas.

I have had several sets of oil color since I began to paint. But then I found it difficult to use this type of paint.However,  this time, all of a sudden I want to draw using oil color. This is the result.

 Girl painting using brushes.

Flowers painting using knives pallet. 

My painting was still on my "creative" desk...


Emi Wati said...

Halo Mba Anita

Salam Kenal ini dg eMi

I love your artwork..are you selling those painting too? if yes where?

Thank You Mbaa,,^^

Albert Cash said...

How did you feel when you finished this stunning masterpiece, Anita? To design a beautiful painting like this on your first attempt is really fulfilling. With your fine taste for colors and design, I’m sure you can create more stunning paintings like this. With your talent, I believe that this simple hobby of yours will soon turn into a successful art business.

scott davidson said...

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