Saturday, June 2, 2012

In a Solitude Night of Amanjiwo

It's a fortune to be able to enjoy 2 nights at a luxury resort hotel, Amanjiwo. This resort located near Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Amanjiwo is one of the hotels of Aman Group, which has a number of resorts in some countries including Indonesia. 

The sketch of Amanjiwo made by local artist 

Borobudur Temple 

Me and the "relief" of Borobudur. 

View from the hotel to Borobudur Temple.

              It is rare in a hotel room to find a set of drawing tools. However in this hotel room they provided papers, watercolour and pallet. With the drawing tools, it is expected that the hotel guests can draw to describe the beauty of Borobudur and the nature surrounding it from their own perspective. 

       In the stillness of the night in this resort, I tried to draw using only the tools that were available. This holiday actually I did not intend to draw, that's why I did not carry my drawing tools. But with the tools provided by the hotel, I tried to draw.
Here are the result.....


"Beauty as Nature"

Collage I made using my I phone.

         If you're planning a vacation, go to Borobudur and see its natural beauty. If possible you can also visit and stay at Amanjiwo .... a resort that will not be easily forgotten. :-)


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