Friday, December 21, 2012

MEMORIES - Configuration Box

It's been  a long time I have not written anything on this blog. Not that I stopped doing my hobbies, just because I made a lot of projects hence I don't have enough time to write it down. 
I also found it's difficult to start writing something. sometimes I  wonder what would I write as an introduction to share stories about my art works. 

This time I just want to share with you  my project using Tim Holtz configuration box and I also used paper  from G45 , Olde Curiosity Shoppe. 

Maybe a bit too much detail there is in this project, but I enjoyed the time working on this project which reminds me of miniature and dollhouse. 

I will show every detail of this project. What is interesting also is that this project has sides that everyone can enjoy. I started with the front side.

Front Side 

Me and my Husband here. 

Our Life 
Me and my youngest son, Emyr are here.


Me and my oldest son are here on Happy place :-)

Me and my youngest son photo when we were
 having a holiday at Amanjiwo. 

Love these tiny bottles


Both of my sons are here. 


Left Side

Back Side

Me and My Husband photo on the backside.

Bottle and butterflies

You see two girls hanging on the ring...

Flowers and butterflies
I cannot resist to put flower and butterflies everywhere :-)

views to the side

Both side. 
A little advise for us "It's a Little things that count".
So...enjoy your little things on your life!

That's  my project this time hopefully there are people who love it as much as I love it.

Thank you for dropping by.

1 comment:

Maia said...

0 comments on this gorgeous box can't be possible!
Such a lovely box with many, many pretty details!
I was looking for ideas to work with clay and found your lovely blog!
We (my daughter and i haha) love your canvas mixed media projects and want to make those also.
I'm just a simple scrapbooker but i want to learn and buy some more templates to make them.
We are gonna be your newest follower.
Sorry for my " bad" English" .
Have a nice weekend
Greetings Maia from the Netherlands