Saturday, December 22, 2012

TRUST - Art Journal Page

When we want to express something, often we find difficulty to convey it. Writing how you feel would be very boring and will require a lot of effort (especially for me). However express our feelings through color and texture of the paper then taking and write down a quote that represent our feelings would be more easy and also have a wider deeper meaning, especially for me.

When making an art journal, you can not expect your workplace would be clean and orderly compared to just writing  a diary. You see below, how messy my workplace  when I'm making an art journal.Let's look at the work desk where I made this journal and  the result.  

The messy workplace

"Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose".

"The greater your capacity to love the greater your capacity to feel the pain"
It couldn't be wrong and I agreed with above quote.

How is the connection between the 1st page and the second page?You can intrepret what ever you want but for me :
Even it's hard to find trust, you will find love and be ready to feel the pain. Is it?:-)

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