Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Your Day

Imagine you are a little girl and someone tells you "It's Your Day". Surely we would jump for joy and started planning what we are going to do that day. As a little girl, what would you do?

Walking and chattering with friends or companions to the field through circus arena near  flower garden and enjoy the rest of the morning. What do you think will you hold while enjoying a day? Balloon? or other?

Each of us has a way to enjoy the day, according to our preferences towards something. For me, it's my day when I can enjoy my weekend in my cozy little house, in the middle of my family while working on my artwork.
Two little girls enjoyed their day.
Layers on the backgroud : washi tape and  stamps.
Flowers made from pattern papers and stiches stamps on it.
The pages

My art journal on top of my favourite table.
Hope you can enjoy Your Day!
Thank you for visiting my post.
Notes: you can buy this printed art work at Moje Natural Furnishing

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