Sunday, July 28, 2013

Love, Believe & Remember

Everyone believes those  3 words gives an interesting sense especially if it is associated with the relationship between men and women. Those words such as integral and complementary to each other, in fact if the words are combined, will provide a very interesting meaning.

Even when we've been hurt by someone we love, we can cure slowly with only remembering that he he ever loved me and I ever loved him. Or we can convince ourselves that we ever believed in him and also he ever believed in us. Completetely clich√© indeed. :-)

But even though it's a cliche at all, it often happens in our lives. Perhaps it helps us to see what exactly Love and Believe. Then we remember we've been in love and ever believed in someone.
That is matter.

When we say that we believe in love,  it means that love itself is something that we believe could bring happiness in our life. Even when love is no longer could be trusted, yet, we ever feel happy once

Perhaps that's why these three words can always be found at the same time, for example on the stamp.I see those three words and I made ​​3 pages art journal title.

The pages in the midle of messy desk.


You can see some layers in this page and I also put a yellow bird on top of the girl's hair.


My journal on the table.
Hope you enjoy it and thank you for visiting my post. !
Notes: You can buy this printed artwork at Moje Natural Furnishing.


BeluBelloBelle said...

Setiap liat page ini pengen banget liat yg versi aslinya. ada gallery nya kah mba? makasi :)

Anita Abdulkadir said...


Ini my art journal, jadi ya bentuknya buku gitu. Ada di rumahku. Tapi ada beberapa versi printed nya, bisa dibeli di
Moje. Alamat emailnya ada di bagian bawah postingku.

Di moje juga ada beberapa my original art work.

Thank youuuuu...