Saturday, July 27, 2013

She Could Always See The Positive in Life

Be positive and look at the positive things is not easy for all of us, including me. I'm still learning how I could better see the positive side of everything. This time I'm trying to see the positive aspect of mixed media art that I make below.
As you see on below picture, the pencil's line on the girl's face smudged when I put  color and water to it.  Not mentioned with a white background still, I often say that the white background on the canvas can be very intimidating for some people, because they do not know how to start coloring. It happened to me also.  
However as the title of this post, so I still have to look at the positives of this painting and began to fix it

What is always interesting on making a painting or mixed media art, there is no such a wrong way to do it, because surely we will be able to fix everything on it. As then I did the painting above.

I maintain two girl's face and their figure  ( I used Christy Tomlinson's paper  that I love so much as their dress) and try to fix their hair and then began to work to complete the background. You can see on below steps how I fixed it and the result.
I hid some part of their hair and cover it while preparing the background.

 I used several  masks when preparing this background , one of which is Christy Tomlinson's mask ( one of my favourite)  as part of the details of this painting.
You may see the details of of this painting on this picture that composed from Acrylic paint mixed with modeling paste and put on the background using maks so that the pattern seems to have dimensions so resulting a background with a texture.

Love the birds stamps!.
You may see the details on the figure. I used stiches stamps.

And the painting was done!
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