Sunday, July 28, 2013

She Felt Happiness in Her Surroundings

Where do we find happiness? Happiness can not be obtained from inanimate objects that do not have the ability to also feel happiness. There are some who believe that happiness can be obtained from their wealth or property and do not need others to share the joy. Happiness for me is the fact that happiness that can also be felt by the people around, the happiness that can be shared with the people around us.

I sometimes feel odd to see someone could look so happy (according to them) without sharing their happiness with the people around them or even with their close family such as parents or their grandparents.

I got  this journalig phrase  from  She Art Collection Paper and I feel this was  very true  and then I put in one of my art journal page.

Love the journaling phrase.

Hope you agree with me that we can felt our happiness in our surroundings.
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